Accessory Dwelling Units

completed & in-design

JZA has designed and developed several custom ADUs to meet the different needs of the clients, including owner/user, new construction, adaptive reuse, and student housing. ADUs can be flexible spaces, serving as rent generating units or multi-purpose rooms outside of one's principal residence. 

Per state law AB2299 and SB1069, Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are allowed to be built on any lot that currently has a a single-family dwelling built. The law limits the size of these 2nd units to a maximum of 1,200 SF. Furthermore, ADUs in the city of Los Angeles do not require additional parking long as the property is within 1/2 mile of an existing bus route

Additional zoning regulations and requirements may further limit the size and scope of the ADU based on the property location. Please contact JZA to learn more.

For project inquiries, please contact:  //  310.853.5004

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