The most intriguing and significant issue involved with Exposition Parkas a site is the major problem of circulation. The existing conditions are circuitous and planned de facto, leading to a general confusion. A better design of the site will better facilitate and organize movements on several levels, both pedagogical and physical. 

This proposal employs an elevated circulation network that blurs the distinction between landscape and stadia. An elevated pedestrian and recreational circulation network provide nesting of programs (primarily parking) underneath in order to further add density to the site. Additionally, it removes unsightly dross and allows for much-needed parkland and program. The blurred distinction between greenery and stadia is an intriguing idea because it creates a new typology that would allow a stadium to be redefined in order to respond to changing user demands and human interaction. In other words, it creates diversity and allows the owner to program the stadium when it is inactive as a sports venue. 

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum


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