The MacArthur Park Metro Transit Authority stop is a proposed site for a mixed-use development and subsidized housing project. The primary condition is the through-block condition which categorizes the site as a transitional typology. The design embraces this condition, creating two central courtyards, one for the purpose as a destination point; employing programs that encourage congregation and relaxation. The second becomes a thoroughfare that incorporates ‘passer-by’ program to attract a casual visitor as they are on their way to-and-from. 

Furthermore, the design’s intention is to draw in people from Alvarado Street, a high activity street, especially at night. Alvarado’s street culture affords no gathering or destination places. The plaza level of an MTA stop is a perfect place to engage as a community enhancing tool and residential epicenter for the Westlake neighborhood.

MacArthur Park Mixed Use


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