Hoover Village

8301 S Hoover St | Los Angeles 90044


Hoover Village is Qualified Permanent Supportive Housing project in South Los Angeles that is designed in response to the homelessness and mental-health crisis in the city of Los Angeles. In order to provide a community for citizens in low to extreme low-income households, JZA has designed Hoover Village to provide both housing and supportive services for those with disabilities including mental illness, physical ailments and other chronic health conditions. The 67-unit affordable housing project prioritizes the health and wellness of residents while also providing both one bedrooms and studio apartments, and a 5,360 square-foot rooftop to provide an outdoor retreat for tenants. The rooftop area maintains beautiful landscaping features to offer a relaxing environment for tenants to experience a respite from the everyday hustle and bustle of Los Angeles’ city life.


The facade facing Hoover St is designed based on a simple parti consisting of an overall plaster mass and four large voids which are clad with vertical fiber cement panels. The overall extent of the building was carved away in select areas to provide natural light that filters in and illuminates the kitchen and living areas for the street facing units. The efficient unit floor plan and spatial organization created a design opportunity in the facade to introduce a warm color palette ranging from dark reds to light yellows. The gradient colors reappear in the fiber cement panels adjacent to the fenestration wrapping along the corner and 83rd St.

Project Type

Residential, Multifamily

Project Status

Construction is expected to begin in Q1 2023